Jerry and Jerilyn's Wedding Toast

We are all assembled here today to celebrate the wedding of Jerry and Jerilyn.

I was surprised to hear that Jerry had decided to get married. Not just because Jerry had once said, "That he'll get married when HELL freezes over," but because now when people ask me when I'm going to getting married, I can no longer use the excuse, "Well, I'm waiting for my older brother to cross that bridge first." Boy, now the pressure is really on.

I want to take this time to publicly thank Jerry and Jerilyn for allowing me to be a part of this special occasion. And I would also like to say, "Jerry, I'll wear the title of BEST MAN proudly And it's about time that you acknowledged whom the best man really is.

It is a tradition to pass along some words of wisdom to the happy couple about marriage, but seeing as I'm still single, I decided to ask my family for some help.

I wanted to know what is the secret to a long and happy marriage.

I asked Mark and Jennifer this question and they gave me the typical newly married rosy answer.

"Respect, Good Communication, Trust and Chemistry are the four main ingredients to a happy and successful marriage."

I asked my parents the same question and my mom said, "Mejo, the secret to being married for 30 years is, sleeping in separate beds."

Finally, I asked my nana and tata and they agreed with my mom that separate beds were a key to their long marriage, but they also added that not speaking to each other also helped.

So, Jerry and Jerilyn take these precious words of wisdom with you as you start your journey down the path of marriage. And one other thing to keep in mind, always remember that mom has a comfortable couch!

Now, lets all raise our glasses and wish Jerry and Jerilyn a marriage that is filled with